Friday, July 27, 2018

We're at the Cottage!

It's been a muggy few days in a row here in Nova Scotia so we've been happily hiding out in the gallery with the air conditioning keeping things cool. But we can't complain too much, as the summer months here are short and sweet. Many folks head out to the cottage to enjoy the season and ocean breezes. Mixed media artist Kris Webster was inspired by these vacation escape locations and just dropped off a delightful grouping of miniature cottages that begin as simple little blocks of wood.

Kris then adds her magic to transform them into mini sculptural masterpieces with paint and found objects. The little buoys on the fishing shack below are the tips of toothpicks. We love the artist mind!

Do you have a favourite cottage or home you'd like to recreate? Why not sign up for the upcoming workshop with Kris in August. DETAILS HERE!  It would make the best memento of your trip here and a great gift for someone too- not to mention it's going to be fun!

 The artist took pictures of some of the Maritime cottages while being on vacation herself, and the results are reflected in the latest groupings. Take a peek at a few of them below or visit in person. Each little house is $35-wharfs sold separately. :-)

  See you at the gallery soon- take a vacation with art!