Friday, December 7, 2018

Thank YOU for Supporting Local Businesses!

Wow...sorry we've been meaning to write a blog entry all this week, but honestly we've been so busy at the gallery, that the time really hasn't allowed it which is great news. That means that people are buying local items for the holidays, and we are especially grateful that many of you have added original art to the season.

So this is a "HI and THANK YOU"  and we'll do a better job tomorrow afternoon here with some of the latest works arriving at the gallery, but we wanted to share a picture that was shared with us today of an original work of art that found it's perfect home. Just look at this! Proof that art can transform any space large or small.


Hope to see you all at the gallery- each week new works are arriving at the gallery with special artist events happening on Wednesday, December 19th and each Saturday leading up to Christmas! Check out the EVENTS page on this blog for the latest. Have a great weekend!