Thursday, March 26, 2020

NEW Pandemic Postcards...Collect and Share Them All!

Do you enjoy writing, and looking for a fun project to keep you busy?  

Why not spread some love this pandemic season with this NEW postcard series from Argyle Fine Art!?!

We'll be releasing a new design every week for you to collect and share with Friends and Family both near and far away!  We may have to physically distance ourselves, but we can still stay social!

Besides, Who doesn't like receiving something fun in the mail?  

To purchase, simply direct message (Facebook or Instagram), or email us ( to place your order!

We can easily send postcards in the mail, or deliver to doorsteps in pick up is possible (Mondays and Wednesdays...but best to call in advance to make sure! (902) 425-9456)

This week's featurette is this amazing  "Casey and Finnegan" postcard by artist Anna Whalen.  5" x 5" they sell for $3 (each)...while supplies last! 

Another fun way to stay active is to create an account with a postcard delivery site like, where you can send and receive postcards from people like you, from around the world! 

Encourage recipients to post/share pictures of postcards they receive in the mail!

It's more important now than ever to stay connected!