Thursday, August 13, 2020

Time Flys when You're Having Fun! Celebrating 20 Years!

It seems like only yesterday that I saw an ad in the Chronicle Herald for a position at the gallery. I tired to locate the teensy little scrap of paper that I had ripped out and put in my purse close to 20 years ago so that I could photograph it for this blog, but alas it's lost to my cluttery "room of hell" that is otherwise known as our "spare room" for now. Anyway, I had been working in an office environment at the time in an industrial park, which basically describes my personal hell. Thankfully after much fluttering about, I caught the attention of the owner and he gave me a job.

The road has been bumpy right from the start if I'm being honest but I stayed with it as I do, and the pay off  eventually was that I was offered a dream of mine to come true: to own a small business. Oh my....I had so much to learn and I am still learning after all those years! Owning any type of small business takes courage and strength but an art gallery?!!  It's not for the faint of heart.

I will be forever grateful to Robert Russell for believing in me,supporting me, saving me and being such an absurd and wonderful mentor. I've also been lucky to have other mentors in my life, including Alma Houston of Houston North Gallery and then crossing paths with Sandra Winter, who were both inspiring women and bosses that would eventually become real confidants and friends. I miss them dearly. I've also been grateful for the kind and creative souls I have worked with over the years and all of the adventures we've gone on together. And of course, the constant support, patience and love of my partner in life, Joe. :-) I often wonder what my life would be like if I took a different path, but I can't imagine it without art. So here I am....I own an art gallery. It's been the most wonderful terrible uplifting exhausting fulfilling experience ever.

The gallery turned 20 years old the other day and I had plans to celebrate largely with our artists and community, but best laid plans and all that....2020 had other plans.We've had to pull up our socks even higher and work harder, while staying flexible, positive and creative!

But rest assured, we are still celebrating the BIG 2-0  and reminiscing for the rest of the year with various events, sales etc. So please send a note of something you have enjoyed about our gallery or a fun experience you remember. It would be great to add them to future blog posts and maybe by then I'll find some memorabilia to share!

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