Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Art for Hurricane Days

It's hurricane season here in Nova Scotia and as we write this blog the wind and rain are just beginning to really get started with us. So before the power goes out and we still have the internet, we thought we'd put a few works of art here for you to enjoy and help you weather the storm whether literally or figuratively ....and be grateful for our creature comforts.

For starters,let's celebrate LIGHT!  Horray! We still have light and this gouache painting by Miyoshi Kondo is mesmerizing! 

Or maybe you don't have electricity, and you just have to make your own. Behold! The candle! This acrylic painting by Isobel Hamilton feels like it could warm up any room in the house! So much WARMTH.

Another creature comfort is BEING COZY and curling up in your favourite chair or couch, like this beauty of a couch painted by Megan LeForte.

Perhaps hug your cat or dog and curl up with them too! This small painting by Jessica Gay is so adorable!!

Of course a BIG part of weathering out the storm is FOOD. Having lots of munchies on hand and eating delicious comforting food is the best. Here's a painting by George Spencer that is more about the food you may have to eat if the power goes out...but it still looks mighty delicious! 

 Or perhaps this is more your speed today...and that's ok too. This painting by Diana Rogers is called "In the Interest of Self Care". 

Watching your favourite old movies or listening to some music makes the days happier too! This print by Hannah Emmett is of the character Jules Winnfield. Do you know what movie it's from? 

Here's some real ROCK music inspiration! Freddie Mercury would approve of this portrait painted on rock by Kerry Hodgson! 

Whatever you do today to make yourself feel better and in the days to come, remember to take care and share lots of LOVE.  This hand-beaded pin by Chelsea Legge is a beautiful sparkly reminder.