Wednesday, May 26, 2021


 We've spent the last few days uploading piles of cards online for your viewing pleasure! We still have a bit of work to do, but we thought we'd post the links here for you to begin peeking at cards that would be lovely to send in the mail to a friend or family member! We now offer MAIL-A-CARD too..where for just $2 we'll write out whatever you'd like the card to say from you and pop it in the mail! Easy Peasy! 

So take a look around at some of our Greeting Cards HERE for cards like these, by local and Canadian artists! All cards are $4-$6 each

Paper Collage Card by Angela Doak

A fun interactive card where you set up camp by Assembly of Text

Card by Deb Bromley! Bottoms Up!

Another interactive card- this one has a paper-doll deer to put together by Briana Corr Scott

Beautiful Floral Cards by Raquel Roth

Of course we always have new pop culture and humorous cards and prints by Jodie Hansen that are just $6 each! There are many more not uploaded yet, but check back soon HERE. 


 We also carry a neat selection of PANDEMIC POSTCARDS!  Check out all the available designs HERE! Postcards are just $3 each ...or less!