Friday, July 9, 2021


Howdy everyone and happy rainy Friday! We thought we'd take a moment to remind you all to check out our POSTER POLE GALLERY that is on-going right now until mid-August. Have you heard of it?

Since the beginning of June, we've been bringing art to the utility poles all along Barrington Street! Utility poles that were once filled to the brim with posters advertising upcoming events that have been left empty lately, due to Covid-19 restrictions.


Poster by Jodie Hansen

 We've received some amazing art so far, and are still looking for submissions inspired by the art of the gig poster to bring an open-air art gallery for all to enjoy and brighten up downtown. We've really enjoyed watching people discover them and all the smiles! YAY! Art has the power!

Poster by Nick Brunt

Various amazing posters out in the wild!


Some of the posters were so popular that there was public outcry to have them printed as posters available for purchase. So we decided to print the one below by artist Michael Browne of the Super Mario inspired Halifax vs Dartmouth.

We still have a few of these available- they measure 11" x 17" and are $25 each. They look great framed too....we picked up some inexpensive frames at Michael's the other day to show you how lovely it is.



New to the poles this week is this amazing poster designed by Dusan Postolovic of the popular noon gun BOOM of Halifax and we loved the neon vibes so much that we printed a limited supply of these now available! This is also 11" x 17", $25 each. COME AND GET IT! These are easy to ship and look ohhhhhh so slick in the black frame! A great contemporary souvenir of your trip to Halifax  for locals and those abroad!

Actually Dusan designed two other posters throughout the duration of this project and we are taking orders to reproduce these two shown below as well. Get in touch if you are interested in owning all three. Each poster will be the same size (11x17 inches), high quality paper, $25 each. 

Artist Kerry Hodgson created not only a poster for the POSTER POLE GALLERY but a line drawing too! We printed a few of these too, that you can buy for just $8 and colour up as you like. Get creative!  Such a lovely message on this one too...HAPPY ART DISCOVERING!