Thursday, June 16, 2022

Summer Has Arrived!

It seems summer has arrived in the Maritimes. Many out travelling, walking the town and even enjoying a work of art or two... So we thought it would be fun to share some works that give us that "Summer Feeling"

Cynthia A. Henry, "All you need is love. And lobster"

This particular painting by artist Cynthia Henry's feels like the best place to start. I can't think of a more iconic summer moment than sitting at the cottage with your freshly cooked lobster enjoying the late afternoon sun! Because "all you need is love and a lobster" - Check our more of her funky inspired work HERE


Inae Kim - Year of the Sunflower

Sunflowers are a staple to the later months of summer. Bright vibrant yellows and oranges sprinkled through local neighbourhood gardens. Inae Kim takes inspiration from walking the city and residential areas. Her work captures Halifax in a beautiful way. - See more HERE


Anne Wedler - The Dancing Land of Soley Cove

A great summer activity... ROAD TRIPS! Long drives and stunning destinations. Nova Scotia has a lot to offer with our landscape. Anne Wedler loves to travel and paint on scene at stunning NS landmarks. Have you been to this one? - See more of Anne's plein air paintings HERE


Alexander Koltakov - Mahone Bay


Speaking of road trips around Nova Scotia, have you visited the sweet town of Mahone Bay? We love how Alexander Koltakov paints this brightly coloured town. - You can see more of his beautiful landscapes HERE


Craig Gunn - Glenwood Avenue, Dartmouth

I really enjoy the golden hour feeling of this piece by Craig Gunn. Reminiscing about Summer nights walking home after a long day swimming at the lake. Craig paints many scenes from urban landscapes to blue water beaches. Each painting feels like a memory you are looking back on. - Check out his work HERE


Deb Bromley - Mexico, I'd like to go

Finally, nothing feels more like summer than hitting the beach! No one captures that feeling better than Deb Bromley. Her bright playful colours and relatable figures feel like a snapshot of a typical day at the beach. See more of her work HERE

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Thanks for reading!

Hopefully you are just as excited about summer as we are. So while your out enjoying the sun, stop by the gallery and see what's new! We have plenty of Summer Inspired art to go around.