Friday, October 21, 2022

You're Doing It All Wrong!


Geordan Moore, Goldfish Variant III, Monoprint, 6"x24"

You may know him from the farmer's market on the weekends as the Quarrelsome Yeti, but you've never before seen anything such as "You're Doing It All Wrong!" That's right, Geordan Moore, the maker behind Hali-famous art and clothing has a new showcase at Argyle Fine Art!

The collection consists of 35 silkscreens, original drawings, and re-worked test monoprints. Some of the pieces are the only one of their kind, and some are part of a limited edition, but what each piece has in common is that it is absolutely mesmerizing. 

Geordan Moore, Blue Bear Flowers, Monoprint, 19"x25"

When printmaking, part of Geordan's process is to pull test prints to make sure everything is working well with the press. He re-uses these test prints multiple times to save paper, and as the layers build up, whole new masterpieces are made! This is a fascinating method that brings elements of depth and juxtaposition into his works and makes them a must-see in person.

(Far left) Geordan Moore, Lobster Variant III (Moon Mist), Monoprint, 12"x24"

Geordan Moore, Lobster Variant IV, Monoprint, 12"x24"

In 2010 Geordan founded the Quarrelsome Yeti, his print studio and clothing company based in Dartmouth, NS, which began from the roots of Geordan's love for silkscreen printmaking. Since then it has truly taken off. He has expanded his characters and designs over the years, but the trademark Yeti character holds strong. 

Geordan Moore, Two Heads are Better than One Head, Screenprint, 16"x24"

(Far right) Geordan Moore, Turtles Have Short Legs, Screenprint, 18"x24"

"You're Doing It All Wrong!" features subjects based off both land and sea animals including birds, lobsters, fishes, bears, turtles, cats, and more! These animals often have fantastical elements, such as the creature in "Two Heads are Better Than One Head". The collection also includes several of the original pen and ink drawings that some of the pieces are based off of! The layers of detail and imaginative creations in Geordan's works make this a spectacular show. Catch it before it's gone until November 8th, or check it out ONLINE HERE!

(Left) Geordan Moore, Meet Me Out Behind the Macdonalds, Original Pen and Ink Drawing, 7.5"x5.5"

(Right) Geordan Moore, BFVI, Mixed Media, 8"x8"

(Below) Geordan Moore, Roostah!, Monoprint, 6"x12"