Tuesday, January 3, 2023


 Wave goodbye to 2022 and hello to 2023! The holiday rush is always a bit overwhelming, and then comes the quiet of January...or so you thought! There is still much to look forward to, in particular:

PRE-SHRUNK 2023!!!

This is the 19th anniversary of our annual group show of 4"x5" artworks, the biggest little art show in Halifax! Each fall we put out a call for submissions, and artists from all across Canada do not disappoint! The show that opens FRIDAY, JANUARY 27th will  include over 300 mini artworks, which a jury curates from hundreds of artist entries! IF YOU ARE AN ARTIST, there's still time. INFO HERE. Every year there are many paintings, mixed media, 3D sculptural pieces, and more! You would be surprised what is possible within a 4"x5" space!

A view of Pre-Shrunk 2022!

Many of these artists have shared their work with us through the years, however this show also features many emerging artists who are exhibiting their work with us for the very first time! This show is a great chance to meet new people and share a love of art with the community, whether you make art or not! Pre-Shrunk is spectacular to catch in person, especially to see all the little works together! It is amazing how much can fit on one wall...But don't worry! If you can't come in person, each piece will be available online.MARK YOUR CALENDARS!

In celebration of the upcoming show, we have decided to highlight a few artworks from previous Pre-Shrunk years that are still available for purchase at a special SALE price! These are available NOW for $95(+HST) - was originally $175! Come by and see lots of other options and other sale items too!  HAPPY NEW ART YEAR TO YOU!

From Pre-Shrunk 2022: Jessica Gay, First Quarter, Embroidered Hoop, 4" Round, $95 (Above)
Jessica Gay, Earthrise, Embroidered Hoop, 4" Round, $95 (Below)

Mallory Walker, Cherries, Oil on Canvas, 4"x5", $95

Mallory Walker, Lemons, Oil on Canvas, 4"x5", $95

Rachel Ogden, Docs and Vans, Acrylic on Board, 4"x5", $95

Janna Wilton, Morning Daisy, Watercolour on Paper on Board, 4"x5", $95

Janna Wilton, By The Window, Watercolour on Paper on Board, 4"x5", $95

Gwendolyn Frankton, Skunk, 4"x5",  Ink and Watercolour on Board, 4"x5", $95

Gwendolyn Frankton, Weasel, Ink and Watercolour on Board, 4"x5", $95

Amy Ordoveza, Winter Branches, Oil on Board, 4"x5", $95

Devon Vankoughnett, Not a Succulent, Ceramic on Wood, 4"x5", $95

Yoko White, Blueberry Cheesecake, Hand Embroidered Cotton on Canvas, 4"x5", $95

Robin Jensen, Untitled (Squirrel), Acrylic on Board, 4"x5", $95

Shaune MacKinlay, Vacancy II, Pleasant Bay, Acrylic on Canvas, 4"x5", $95

Bailee Higgins, Margaree, Acrylic on Board, 4"x5", $95

Miyoshi Kondo, Untitled 4, Gouache on Paper on Board, 4"x5", $95

Paulette Melanson, Clowns, Acrylic on Board, 4"x5", $95

And on that final note of "Clowns"...We're not clownin' around! Pre-Shrunk 2023 is the place to be! 
See you there!