Wednesday, May 24, 2023

"Slow Oven" Nostalgia with Megan LeForte

Megan at the opening of her new show!

Slow Oven

Megan LeForte, Home Sweet Home, 5"x7", Acrylic on Board

 If you haven't had the chance to take in Megan LeForte's new show, there is no time like the present! However, the show may transport you through a portal away from the present into another world full of baked goods, sunny colours, and nostalgia. From the words of Megan herself, 

"Slow Oven invites you to go back in time and contemplate the ephemeral objects that unconsciously created memories of the people and spaces of our past."

Megan LeForte, The Osterizer Classic, Acrylic on Board, 5"x7"

You may recognize some of these iconic objects! We were inspired by the subject matter of the show and decided to host a recipe swap as part of the opening! Folks brought in some wonderful recipe cards from home, so thank you to each of you that did. Now we are filled with inspiration for kitchen experiments!

Some of the recipes from the opening!

Megan was born here in Halifax, and has been working as an artist since 2013! She works mostly with acrylic paint on wood board, and often surrounds themes of nostalgia, memory, and loss. Megan received her BA in Linguistics from Carleton University in Ottawa, then returned to the East Coast where she spent time in Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island, and now calls a coastal village here in Nova Scotia home along with her husband, Martin, and their two cats, Howard Douglas and Randy Cheeseburger! The combination of this journey and Megan's passion for history were what inspired her to record the ephemeral objects from our past in paint.

Megan LeForte, Spice of Life, Acrylic on Board, 8"x8"

"Slow Oven" will be up in the gallery until June 3rd!
If you would like to view the full show online, you can do so here!

Megan's paintings are nutritious and delicious for the eyes and the soul! How many of these artworks feature subject matter that you or your loved ones have used in the past? We would love to hear from you!

Megan LeForte, The Ribbon Geese, Acrylic on Board, 4"x6"

Megan LeForte, Salt and Peep, Acrylic on Board, 4"x6"

Megan LeForte, Chip and Derp, Acrylic on Board, 6"x6"

Megan LeForte, Potato Salad, Probably, Acrylic on Board, 5"x7"

Megan LeForte, Pink Carnations for Mom, Acrylic on Board, 5"x5"

Thanks for joining us on this trip down memory lane! Each of Megan's works is wonderful and is just awaiting its perfect home. Contact us if you would like to make one yours!

Until next time! -Argyle Fine Art

Megan LeForte, Cool Shades, Acrylic on Board, 6"x24"