Saturday, February 24, 2024


 One of our gallery artists, Amy Ordoveza has been involved in a really cool project this year... 

Amy Ordoveza standing in front of one her artworks, 2022

Her art is blasting off to space and finding a new home ON THE MOON!

Amy Ordoveza, A Cloud Above, gouache on paper, 11" x 14" Available at Argyle Fine Art
The Lunar Codex logo,

As apart of the Lunar Codex project, Amy's artwork, alongside musical works, writings and artworks from other creatives around the world was loaded into a time capsule and sent in a rocket destined for the moon on February 14th 2024.

Amy Ordoveza, In My Mind's Eye, 6" x 8", charcoal/pastel on paper, Available at Argyle Fine Art

Check out Amy's site HERE to see what works she has included in the time capsule!

Amy Ordoveza, Our Seas, 11" x 14", gouache on paper, Available at Argyle Fine Art

The Lunar Codex is a massive worldwide project including creative works from 233 countries, territories and indigenous nations (ttps:// 

This project offers the first for many as it is the first project to bring work from female artists to the moon, as well as the first to include disabled artists, artisans of many crafts (wood, clay, textile, tattoo, digital art, spray-painted art & more) human/AI collaboration, contemporary film and music to the lunar surface.  (ttps://

Follow the link HERE to The Lunar Codex website to learn more.

Amy Ordoveza, The Bay Window, Early Spring, 16" x 20", oil on aluminum composite panel, Available at Argyle Fine Art.

Visit us at the gallery and check out the work we have available by Amy Ordoveza 

Amy Ordoveza, Swallows in Flight 3, oil on panel, 8" x 8", Available at Argyle Fine Art

OR visit Amy's artworks HERE in our online gallery.