Wednesday, January 30, 2013

LEGO gets some LOVE

Hello everyone! Sorry we took a little blogging break there, but we're back and excited to tell you about young artists Emma (14yrs)  and Liam (11yrs)  Travers!

We met Emma and Liam a few months back when we discovered they made amazing jewellery out of LEGO. We are very happy to announce they have created a very special line of jewellery made with LEGO that has moving parts now too!  You can hear the artists being interviewed on CBC Radio One at 7:45am Thursday, January 31st on CBC Radio One (Halifax, 90.5FM,  or stream it online by going to:

 These works make wonderful Valentines's Day gifts!  Here's a few quick shots of some of the works available. Affordable great! Prices range from $6 to $50

We hope that once this interview has aired,  it will appear in the CBC streaming archives for those of us that may not be early birds and miss hearing this interview live. We'll make sure to update this blog here if it does!  But you can certainly see their artworks, featured in our WINDOW now and throughout the week...


We thought we'd remind you that original art lasts a lifetime, and we've hand picked some special miniature works from our popular show Pre-Shrunk that are $175 each and make the bestest gifts; perfect for this occasion.  You can see other works available from this show at

"Three Cherries"   Oil on Canvas by George Spencer  4" x 5", $175
"Holding Hands"  Acrylic/Resin on Board by Sara Caracristi 4" x 5", $175

"A Pair of Piping Plovers"  by Twila Robar-DeCoste  4" x 5", $175
"Still Life" Oil on Board, Briana Corr-Scott, 4" x 5", $175
Collage and Paint, Kate Stinson, 4" x 5", $175