Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pre-Shrunk 2013: Preview #4: Gordon MacDonald

The Pre-Shrunk Previews continue, with one sneak peek of one piece per day, until Friday!  You'll be able to see over  300 little works in person on Friday, January 25th....doors opening at 7pm sharp!

Preview #4 is by artist Gordon MacDonald.  If you've been to Argyle Fine Art in person, chances are high that you've met artist Gordon MacDonald at the gallery and had a chat about art and everything in between. Gordon makes a living at being a visual artist, and therefore is always creating works and  experimenting with his art practice..transporting us to special places and moments in time. He has begun hosting painting workshops which have been very successful, and he hopes to offer more of them in the Spring.  Gordon has created a wide range of works for this miniature show. Some are oil on copper and some are on aluminum. They are very difficult to capture in a photograph, but they are all very luminous in person. Here's one of our favourites.

Gordon MacDonald Pre-Shrunk,  4" x 5", Oil on Metal