Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rainy Days are Beautiful Too!

Today, in Halifax, we had a typical Fall day mixed with cool temperatures, warm temperatures, rain, sunlight, drizzle, wind, clear skies..and everything in between. If you have ever visited Nova Scotia, you know this is just part of the course here it seems no matter what the season.

If you live here, you tend to accept it and perhaps even embrace it. It brings with it an ever-changing sky to admire, photograph and sometimes paint. The light here is exceptional as well, and these latest paintings by emerging artist Mary Garoutte is a very good example of the pure beauty we have all around us. We hope you enjoy these as much as well do!

Mary's show just opened on Friday, and already many of the works have sold, but these three are some of the favourites that are still available. ENJOY! You can see ALL of Mary's works from this new show by clicking on this LINK: