Tuesday, May 20, 2014

EVERYONE would recognise the sound of a skunk, a beaver, and a porcupine.. right?!

You can tell instantly by looking at this wee fella in the eyes, what his distinct, unmistakably porcupine-like sound would be... 

Can you hear that? Yes.. there he goes, making his porcupiney noizes..

And this little guy here - no mistaking the sound of a genuine skunk! 

 such a familiar tune he sings..

and that clearly Canadian voice that can only come from a beaver! Say it with me now! ... ... ... 

These new folk art pieces are carved by the wonderful Peter Rafuse, and they're squawking, honking, or whatever it is that they do, in our front windows for everyone to enjoy. Keep your eyes peeled for a sheep and a few chickens too!