Friday, May 16, 2014

Hamburgers and Pizza for your Ears

We are on the eve of the looooooooooong weekend known as Victoria Day weekend. This is traditionally a weekend when people head out of the city and into the country for some rest and relaxation. It's also a time when you may be barbequing or treating yourself to a special treat. We thought we'd share these great new earrings by Dan Bray with you. They are delicious works of art  for your ears...and calorie free.

Miniature Clay earrings by Dan Bray. Mmm....hamburgers!

Two slices of pizza please!Earrings by Dan Bray
 Drop by the gallery or visit our ONLINE SHOP to order yours TODAY.  There are also avocados and pies and hotdogs!

Oh my! Think it's time for a snack!