Saturday, July 11, 2015


We hope many of you have enjoyed our STUDIO SATURDAYS series. We're going to take a little break from it for the summer months, but rest assured we'll be back at it again in the fall-sneaking into artist studios and sharing their work spaces with you.

Today we reminisced a bit about the beginning Argyle Fine Art in 2000...on Argyle Street. It's been 15 years since the beginning and in fact we've been at our current location on Barrington Street for 5 years now!  Time certainly does fly!

Like most well-intended parents, we began to keep scrapbooks of our accomplishments, show reviews, funny pictures, drawings...but as time went on, the scraps of newspaper articles have stacked up and haven't been documented properly! We promise to get up to date!  My goodness...we've done so much over these last 15 years....we can  hardly remember it all!  

Tom Forrestall started off one of our scrapbooks with an original drawing...

Here is a shot of the gallery when we first moved in and started prepping the walls for all the wonderful art it would share over the coming years...If walls could talk....hmmm...that's a good name for an art show, perhaps....

 And Here it is as it looks on this very day with the sun streaming in this evening...

And here's a photo of Crystal interviewing a felted cat, which I've included here for absolutely no reason at all. I've just been wanting to post this photo for years! (sorry Crystal! HA!)

 Speaking of Crystal...we are also delighted to announce that Crystal will soon become a new mom to a baby girl! I am going to miss her terribly!!!!  ACCCK! Fortunately, she isn't leaving until the Fall, but while she's away we are delighted to announce that artist and educator Caitlin McGuire will be working at Argyle Fine Art. We can hardly wait to introduce you to her! You'll start seeing Caitlin around the gallery in August, learning the ropes from Crystal and myself- make sure to drop by and say hello!
Crystal and Caitlin ...with special thanks to the painting by Mark Brennan behind them, setting the scene.