Tuesday, July 7, 2015

We asked YOU to send us your SKY PHOTOS ....AND THE WINNER IS....

As some of you may remember, we asked YOU to share your sky photos with us via TWITTER or email and hundreds of you did!  It was a wonderful experience to see beautiful skies show up each day in our in-boxes! Gordon MacDonald had a hard decision ahead of him; to choose a winning photo and then set out to make a painting from it!

All of the photos were amazing, and may even prove to be future inspiration for Gordon, but since he had to just pick ONE, he chose this one below, submitted by Shaune MacKinlay via TWITTER.

Gordon has already made some headway on a painting  inspired by this photograph yesterday afternoon....just look below!  There is still plenty to do on this work, but we thought you may all find it kind of interesting to see the various stages of a painting in progress!  We'll post more pictures as Gordon continues to paint this piece!  Make sure to come and see it fully completed on Thursday, July 30th at Argyle Fine Art. Meet Gordon and see his entire show!

Congrats to Shaune!  We'll have your $100 gift certificate waiting for you, to be used towards a Gordon MacDonald work and can hardly wait to see "your" collaboration with Gordon completed!

There were two other runners-up photos, which we have shared below. You can see ALL the photos submitted on TWITTER by using the hashtag #skiesthelimit2015  Thanks to everyone that contributed- we'll be doing this again for sure- so much fun!