Friday, December 16, 2016

Tinker Toys

Today we're sharing with you our "tinker toys", amazingly clever fun gifts made by our tinkerers', Ed Beals and William Rudolph.

If you're familiar with the gallery you've likely seen a ray-gun or two or Ed's kicking around (though not for long as they are happily snapped up by ray-gun enthusiasts). Ed recently brought in his latest creation, The Collector.

"The Collector" by Ed Beals, Reclaimed Parts

The Collector travels around collecting bits and scraps he can put into his trusty removable backpack!

"The Collector" by Ed Beals, Reclaimed Parts

Here's a little turnaround video of The Collector that Ed put together so you can see just how fantastic he is: The Collector Turnaround Video

From Mr William Rudolph, or Rudy, the master of bike parts, we have a few fun new pieces. First up, for the cyclist on your list who has everything... a trophy made of bike parts? A trophy made of bike parts! It even has a handy blank plaque on the front that's perfect for engraving whatever award you feel like bestowing!

"Bike Trophy" by William Rudolph

But alas, if you're looking for a more practical assembled bike part piece, Rudy has you covered. How about a Rotating Shimano Candle Holder for those stormy nights when the power is out?

"Rotating Shimano Candle Holder" by William Rudolph

Maybe you're looking for something to spruce up the dinner table for your holiday feast? How about a napkin holder made of assembled bike parts? 

"Napkin Holders" by William Rudolph

Or how about two napkin holders? One for each set of napkins -  for those on the nice list and for those on the naughty list?

"Napkin Holders" by William Rudolph

Pop in soon to check out these great pieces before they find ho-ho-homes for the holidays!

Don't forget that on Saturday, Dec 16th we'll have our friends from the Halifax Cat Rescue Society here from 1-4PM and the East Coast Carollers will be gracing us with their lovely voices from 2-3PM. Also, cider and cookies!

Sending you all a big dose of holiday cheer until next time!