Saturday, November 4, 2017

TOYS ART US - A process with Kim Floyd

This Friday two new shows opened at the gallery; TOYS ART US by Kim Floyd and SLOW CENTURY by Andy MacDonald. Today on the blog Kim shares a bit about the process that went into her show. (you can see ALL the paintings from each show now, over on our NOW SHOWING tab on this blog)


While I was working on Pantry (my show about nostalgic food) last year, I was visiting a friend who was running a day care out of her home and she had several Fisher-Price toys. She showed them to me and I was flooded with memories of my childhood. I told her I would like to paint these toys at some point. She eventually closed the daycare and gave them all to my daughter and me.

One day, I mentioned to Adriana about the Fisher-Price Parking Garage and how much I enjoyed playing with it as a child. It turns out that she did too. After talking with her, I decided that I needed to paint it. A few weeks later while thrift-shopping she luckily found both the Parking Garage and the famous Family Play House.

Kim Floyd, Chatter Phone, 6"x8", Acrylic on Board

With all these retro toys appearing in my life, I began working on this second series of paintings about childhood memory. I see my paintings as part-folk/part-pop with a touch of realism.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed painting them.

TOYS ART US is the kind of show that fills you up with nostalgia, either you had one of the toys in Kim's pieces or your kids did. Don't miss it! Come down to the galleryor check out the show online by clicking here.