Saturday, January 27, 2018

This ART is making us Hungry: Pre-Shrunk Foodies!

We are so in love with our latest 449 miniature artworks in the Pre-Shrunk show! It's always interesting when themes emerge amoung the pieces. This year a number of popular themes arose but one that is constant is FOOD....because well, it's food and people seem to like food.

These two works below by new-to-us artist Youjin Chung are even more delicious looking in person. Now you can have your cake and eat it too; provided you buy the painting and some cake.

Of course, if you're more into baking than just eating the baked goods, these butter paintings by Kim Floyd will make your mouth water too, with their vibrant colours and popular Maritime labels. There are eight butters to choose from in the show, but we love these Scotsburn butters. Which would you prefer- Regular or Extra Salt? Mmmmmmmmmm....everything is better with butter.

Of course, one can't just exist on cakes and butter alone, so artist George Spencer reminded us to add a bit of fruit and vegies to the diet with his luminous paintings. We especially love his citrus fruit still-life paintings.

Are you hungry for some art now? Make sure to visit soon and see the entire show online HERE