Wednesday, June 6, 2018

SALE- Selected PRE-SHRUNK 2018 works now $95

As promised, here are some of the Pre-Shrunks that are on SALE. All of these beautiful little works measure just 4" x 5" and there are so so so many wonderful works still waiting to find wonderful homes. The regular price on these are $175 but the SALE price on all of these featured is $95.

These works make the perfect gifts for any special occasions and are great memories of the local artists  creating amazing works while living here in Nova Scotia. Treat yourself!

To find out the artist's name and availability of any of these, contact the gallery directly via phone or email (902-425-9456/   Works are selling quickly so get in touch soon! 

Group A

Group B
Group C

Group D
Tomorrow on the blog, we'll walk you though a few specifics of some of these and a few others on offer too! Check back soon or drop by in person to see these beauties!