Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Magical Night of Art!

Well, another Nocturne is in the books, and what a success it was! This past Saturday we kept our doors open until midnight while people of all ages passed through the gallery in a constant stream. Although by the end we were tired, we couldn't have asked for a better night, and this definitely couldn't have been possible by ourselves. Adriana and I were so fortunate to have had the help of a number or kind hearted and enthusiastic individuals who volunteered their time to help ensure everything went smoothly. Their tireless efforts are so appreciated and mean a lot to us!

Isobel Hamilton, Autumn Glow, 12" x 9"
Acrylic on Panel

Nocturne is such a great opportunity to get out to explore the city, connect with other people, and be exposed to many different forms of art. For us here at the gallery, it was a rewarding experience to see such a vast range of people pass through and actually engage with the art. At one point, a young girl, likely no older than thirteen came up to me at the desk and being so genuinely taken with the work she saw in the gallery, she said, "Wow! Do you know the artist who made these paintings? They're so awesome! Can you tell her how much I love them? They're just so good!". I also witnessed similarly enthusiastic reactions from individuals who were decades older than that little girl; the excitement throughout the night was fairly universal.

Works by Mary Garoutte and Isobel Hamilton
Works by Katharine Burns

It was great to see people take a break from their routine Saturday night activities to take in and appreciate art. There was also a fantastic response to the live model shadow drawing activity we had set up outside of the gallery. For three hours there was a constant gathering of people young and old who took the time to try their hand at sketching the various shadow scenes posed by model Carol Dill with assistance from her friend and her young son. It was a great collaborative effort that turned out to be a huge hit.

People gathered to do some sketching during Nocturne
Shadow poses for sketching during Nocturne

More people doing some sketches!

Playing with shadows!

It seemed as if inhibitions were left at home as many people stepped outside of their comfort zone to try something new. By the end of the night, there were stacks of paper filled with doodles!

Some of the many sketches made during Nocturne

We were so excited to feature the work of three incredibly talented women artists during Nocturne: Mary Garoutte, Isobel Hamilton, and Katharine Burns. Each artist creates work from a place of ambition, curiosity, and fearlessness to push beyond their own limits. The result is three impressive bodies of work that offer so much light and inspiration.

Isobel Hamilton, Light in the Dark, 11" x 14", Acrylic on Panel

Katharine Burns, Reverie, 30" x 30", Oil on Panel.
Mary Garoutte, Glass House, 22" x 36" , Oil on Birch Panel

Throughout the evening we also had a special video projection by Chris Devanney presented in conjunction with Katharine Burn's wave paintings. The video was only up for Nocturne, but you can view it online here.

Video Projection by Chris Devanney. The video can be viewed here.

If you weren't able to stop by during Nocturne, the show will be up for a few more weeks! Thanks again to everyone who came out to enjoy all the Nocturne festivities, and to all those who worked hard to make it a successful event.

We invite you to offer your feedback on this year's Nocturne by filling out the  2018 Nocturne Audience Survey