Friday, February 15, 2019

In Celebration of Maud: Happy Heritage Day

 This Monday, February 18th is a province-wide holiday known as Heritage day- a day to reflect upon and celebrate prominent people and events who have left a significant mark on the province's unique history. This year's Heritage Day honoree in Nova Scotia is folk artist Maud Lewis. 
Mini Maud Lewis made by Kim Danio- Repurposed Materials and Clay, Stands just 2.5" tall, $45

In celebration of Maud, one of our gallery artists, Kim Danio (known for her fun and whimsical works made of re-purposed shoes, boots, and purses) describes how Maud has inspired her artistic practice:

"I grew up spending summers in a small fishing village on the Bay of Fundy. It was a drastic difference from my life in Massachusetts. My summer memories are rich with colourful characters, milk deliveries, fishing weirs, and peaceful settings. It seemed everywhere you turned there were patchwork quilts drying on the line, painted driftwood art pieces on the roofs of outbuildings, someone whittling something in the corner of everyone’s kitchen.

I think that is one of the reasons I am so crazy about the art of Maud Lewis. The bright colours, tranquil scenes, adorable cats – her work is so inspiring to me and reminds me of something I remember from my childhood. When I began creating my shoe art pieces I drew from her use of simple maritime themes and bright colours and desired to create a folk arty feel in my work.

I absolutely adore her sweet painted home and must admit that I have attempted to create my own painted cottage in the Annapolis valley Nova Scotia, not too far from where she was born and lived."

Kim Danio's painted cottage, inspired by Maud Lewis, in Annapolis Valley, NS

 Hope you all have a great Heritage Day! Be sure to take some time to reflect upon some of the important people, places, and events that have inspired or influenced you in whatever place you call home.

You can meet Kim, and learn more about her work next Saturday, February 23rd, 1-3pm at the opening of our next show, "The Re-Purposers". This show will feature works by a number of artists who utilize reclaimed or recycled objects as materials for art-making. See you then! :)