Saturday, February 9, 2019

We heART Valentine's Day!

Well we made it through January, one of the longest, coldest months of the year! We hope you've been keeping warm, and finding ways to embrace the season, whether that means curling up with a few good books, or hitting the snowy trails for a midwinter hike.

With February comes Valentines Day -a day that is celebrated by some, and dreaded some. While love and friendship should without a doubt be celebrated everyday of the year, it can be fun to have one day to break from the daily grind to reach out to a pal or lover just to say "hey, you're awesome!".

Card by the Assembly of Text

If you're someone who likes to celebrate valentine's day, we have a few little cute ideas to help you spread your cheer.

 Basil Doucette is the creator of these very sweet love birds. Basil is known for his whimsical and sometimes humorous folk-art that he hand carves and carefully paints by hand. We have a little menagerie of feathered friends that would be happy to find a new place to perch!

Basil is also known to create the most charming seasonally-appropriate ornaments. We've had wreathes, Christmas trees, snowmen, and now these: wooden valentines! We think these are a great valentine card alternative, and they are set to a wooden base so they can easily be displayed.

If you're looking for a tiny trinket to gift your pal (or to treat yourself), these domino pendants are a fun and unique choice!

If you're not-so-into Valentine's Day, fret not! We have something for you too. Love sucks. We've all said it at least once before (and if you haven't, well...congratulations..?) If you're sad and want no part of Valentine's day, wear one of these pins, and you'll likely find comfort in knowing you're not alone. Share your pins, and bond over your anti-Vaentine's day sentiments!

Brad Sutton, Rose, Oil on Board, 4" x 5"

We think this rose painting is a fantastic alternative to a real rose that will only last a few days. This one can light up any corner of a room forever.

Keep warm out there, and be sure to stop by soon to say hello! :)