Saturday, February 26, 2022

A feast for the senses, PreShrunk 2022's tactile textiles...

A common misconception about our PreShrunk exhibition, is that it's limited to 2 dimensional mediums like drawings and painting...not so! Each year we're thrilled to exhibit works by mixed media, sculptural and textile artists.

We'd to take a moment to share some of this year's amazing textile work!

First up, we have these spectacular embroidered desserts by Yoko White! If you're not familiar with the french knot stitch, take a closer look at the surface texture of these incredibly detailed works...   

Yoko White, (Left) "Rainbow Cake", (Right) "Vanilla Cupcake",
5" x 4" (each) hand embroidered cotton on canvas

Yoko White, "Strawberry Shortcake", 4" x 5", hand embroidered cotton on canvas

Yoko White, (Left) "Triple Chocolate Mousse", (Right) "Blueberry Cheesecake",
5" x 4", hand embroidered cotton on canvas

Yoko has an amazing body of work available at the gallery, to see more be sure to drop by the gallery or visit our Flickr page HERE...

Next up is this fabric and mixed media by Brigitte St-Arnaud, a frequent contributor to PreShrunk in recent years this is the last of her "Enchanted Garden" series...  

Brigitte St-Arnaud, "Chicken in the Enchanted Garden", 4" x 5", fabric and mixed media

Nancy Wilson, Jessica Gay, Alexandrea Bateman, and Katharine Sharpe, deliver some exciting new works that's "outside the box", pushing the limits of our 4" x 5" submission format...

Nancy Wilson, (Left) "Bryn's Garden Too", (Right) "Tracy From Cape Breton", 
4" x 5", wool felt and roving in wood

Jessica Gay, (Left) "Crescent", (Centre) "First Quarter", (Right) "Earthwise",
4" diameter, embroidered hoop

Katharine Sharpe, "Dance Forest Green", 18" x 4" x 5", needle felt

Alexandrea Bateman, Rug Hooked Garden Series, 5" x 4", wool, burlap on board

Rounding off the list, we have this incredible embroidered work by Mindy Harris! Part of a larger series featuring famous women in the arts, this is the last one available from PreShrunk!  

Mindy Harris, Emily Dickenson, 5" x 4", hand embroidered cotton on canvas

You can see more of Mindy's work by visiting our Flickr page HERE...

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You can view the entire PreShrunk Collection on our Flickr page HERE