Thursday, February 24, 2022

Enjoy PreShrunk 2022's Abstract Showcase!

Today we're exploring some of the amazing abstract paintings of PreShrunk 2022! We're always thrilled to see Abstract Art being submitted each year. Vibrant colors, mixed with energetic brushstrokes always fill the gallery with positive vibes!

We've got a great selection to choose from, with different mediums being represented here..take a moment to scroll through some of these amazing paintings from our abstract showcase!

First up, we have Gallery Artist, Paulette Melanson;

Paulette Melanson, A Day at the Carnival, 4" x 5", acrylic on board

"As I was finishing these abstract paintings for Pre-Shrunk show, I realized they reminded me of the fun times we had going to the yearly local carnival with my parents when I was a child and later with my friends as a teenager.  It was one of the most exciting events of the year, on par with Halloween and Christmas!" - Paulette Melanson

Paulette Melanson, (Left) Clowns and (Right) Tilt A Whirl, 4" x 5" (each), acrylic on board

Paulette Melanson, "Send In The Clowns", 4" x 5", acrylic on board

Paulette Melanson, (Left) "Bubble Gum" and (Right) "Cotton Candy", 4" x 5" (each),
acrylic on board

You can see more of Paulette's larger works by following the link to our Flickr page HERE

Next is Trudy Callbeck! Trudy has been a regular contributor to other group shows, and occasionally has other works available at the sure to inquire to see what's available!

Trudy Callbeck, Standing Strong, 5" x 4", acrylic on board

Susan Black has also contributed to other PreShrunk exhibitions in recent years...

Susan Black, "Patience With It All", 5" x 4", mixed media on board 

Susan Black (Left) "Good Natured" and (Right) "Parkdale", 5" x 4" (each), mixed media on board

Susan Black, Admire Admire, 5" x 4", mixed media on board

Susan Black, "Where the Pavement Ends", 5" x 4", mixed media on board

Newcomer, and NSCAD student Yasir Jawad has also been enjoying his first time exhibiting with PreShrunk...

Yasir Jawad, (Left) Breaking the Cycle 3, (Right) Breaking the Cycle 1, 5" x 4" mixed media on canvas

Yasir Yawad, Breaking the Cycle 2, 5" x 4", mixed media on canvas

Last but not least is Brenna Frasier! Brenna's work has also been featured in our Poster Pole Gallery last summer..

Brenna Frasier, Landscape Strata 4, mixed media on board

There's still lots of amazing artwork to discover at the gallery, with NEW ARRIVALS adoring our walls constantly!  Be sure to drop by and check back often!

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