Friday, January 23, 2015

TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT! Pre-Shrunk 2015 opens at 7pm!

Goodafternoon on this fine sunny Friday afternoon! We're all a-buzz here today, putting the final touches on our Pre-Shrunk show that opens tonight- Friday, January 23rd beginning at 7pm. Begin your weekend with us and start your year off right, with an original work of art by a local artist. There are so so so many works to choose from tonight...all measuring just 4" x 5" and all priced at just $175!

The opening may be a  tad busy, but so electrifying and inspiring...however if you are not much into crowds or just want a second or third look...make sure to drop by anytime in person until February 10th or ONLINE HERE, once the show opens tonight, to view all the works from home too!

Here are some final sneak peeks....See you all at 7pm!  We're so excited and think you all will be too when you see what we have in store for you!

Brianne Williams is such a promising emerging artist from NSCAD- look at that water!

Edgar Allan Poe would even agree that this is a great work - all hand embroidered by Catherine Otto

Resist temptation to lick the paintings, as these little chocolates by Jan Davison are almost good enough to eat!

Sometime clients become artists!  It's true!  As in this case...Carey Bray!! You did it, and we love your contributions this year!

Each piece by artist Kris Webster is an example of using different techniques and materials well! We especially love this 3-dimensional piece!

A joyful show such as Pre-Shrunk wouldn't be complete without a few paintings by Caitlin McGuire!

Yes---that's a very very very small shoe...made into a camper!   You know you want this!  All hail to the mastermind of Kim Danio!

 See how much fun that was? Now imagine 300 works of art all around you...SEE YOU TONIGHT or SATURDAY for best viewing! Tomorrow, there will be treats too!