Tuesday, January 27, 2015

WOW! Pre-Shrunk is off to a Great Start thanks to ALL of YOU!

Goodafternoon!  For many of you  living near in Nova Scotia and along the Eastern Seaboard,  you're probably  home today cuddled up and hunkered down, during the winter storm that is affecting us. But  it's  the perfect day to peruse some artwork online, provided that you are still lucky enough to have power.

We wanted to THANK YOU...over 70 artists that partcipated in Pre-Shrunk and contributed close to 300 little works of art...all measuring just 4" x 5", and all priced at $175.  We wanted to THANK YOU....the art loving customers for buying these works of art and supporting such wonderful shows like these, where so many different artists, mediums and  differernt worlds of creativity are showcased!

A shot of the gallery from across the street at Attica, just as the evening was getting started at our VIP reception for lucky Voucher Holders and Golden Ticket Owners. 

The show just opened on Friday, January 23rd, to a huge crowd of eager art lovers.  Seeing a line-up outside an art gallery in January, in Nova Scotia is always such an encouraging sight to see! The gallery was packed thoughout the entire evening. And of course, that doesn't include the online viewers- with the Pre-Shrunk show being viewed close to 5000 times already and it's only just begun.The show is online over at our website at www.argylefineart.com or here at our blog under the NOW SHOWING tab, or you can just simply click HERE.

The show continues until February 10th, so make sure to drop by for a visit. Seeing all these works in person makes all the difference, so do make the effort if you live near-by. Works are selling quickly and are a welcomed edition to any home or office and make the perfect gifts too! Shipping is very affordable as the works are small and if we ship out of province or out of country you save money on tax too or are exempt completely!

Below find a few WOOL themed ones, especially selected for this cold winter day here in Halifax, NS.  Happy ARTING!  The show continues until February 10th...

BAAAHHHHHH!  These are just so wonderful!  Needle Felted works by Sandy Charbonneau are a delight!

Then of course , there's what you DO with the wool...like in these small paintings of popular knitting stitches by artist  Katie Ryan

And last but not least, this relief carved and painted work by Cara and Max from Newfoundland!