Friday, January 2, 2015

The slightly late and obligatory "2014 in Review" blog posting but with lots of pictures!


2015 is finally here.....and finally we've had  the chance to look back at all the great things that happened at Argyle Fine Art  in 2014 and WOW- if we do say so ourselves; it was a wonderful year!

We're back at it today, planning and scheming some wonderful events and shows for the 2015 season. CHECK BACK NEXT WEEK to find out more, see some sneak peeks on Pre-Shrunk works (show opens on January 23rd!) and of course, take advantage of our annual HIGH NOON at NOON special savings which will occur beginning on January 6th!

Until then, let's reminisce of 2014 with a few photo collages of just a few of the great shows and events we hosted in 2014!

January 2014 started off with a BANG of small paintings, all measuring just 4" x 5", in our annual show called Pre-Shrunk. We had close to 300 little works of art on the walls last year....Emerging artist Caitlin McGuire dropped by one Saturday last January and did some drawing on site- of the whole show. 
February is definitely a time to have fun with art as much as possible. We featured our Cat Person and Dog Person show in February as well as invited families to depict famous original works of LEGO.  The results were amazing.

As the winter continued on (it was a looooooooooong Winter in 2014) the need to play became even more evident, so in March we hosted a series of shows celebrating just that. New works by Pamela McInnis of the puppet variety were a delight and the walls were filled with the likes of the carnival!

EASTER time is a fun time at the gallery!  We had a great selection of works up by many artists, including the hand-painted cushions by Tanya Owen, papermache eggs by Marie Jardine and of course, our annual Easter Egg Hunt for art lovers.
Late April and May brought flowers to the gallery, both in paint by Twila Robar-DeCoste and in real-life, with a display of ceramic works by NSCAD students brought to life with living plants and flowers by the Ikebana Shop. Then in May, we were proud to be part of the I LOVE LOCAL "Open City" event and were pleased to be hosting Nancy Rose and her very squirrel-ly  props and postcards.

Luke Naylor and David Lerue had shows! As did George Spencer!  William Rudolph dropped by with new works (that's him sporting a new pair of glasses made from bike parts) We even had lemonade on warmer days in June, provided by LEMON DOGS and of course, the folk art animals attended a good old fashioned June wedding.
July was a tough month for the gallery. We're not gonna lie...with Barrington Street dug up and cut off most of the month, we tried to make the best of it and featured a jewellery show during PRIDE WEEK...where we literally walked amoung the rubble and debris and made the best of it!  See those smiley people in front of a large dump truck parked outside our windows? That's artist Karolina Anna-Hajna and her models wearing her wearable ceramic art pieces.  But then....August came...and we had new works by Caitlin McGuire and Mary Garoutte and Gordon MacDonald, we met a new artist- Sarah Jones, installed an amazing art project off-site and even had some dogs drop by for portraits during the Downtown Halifax Business Commissions "Dog Days of Summer"
September and October just flew by!  They are traditionally the two busiest months at our gallery, and this year was no exception. We launched our new CREATIVE EDITIONS series mid-August, but word really got out in September, we were part of the Downtown Art Walk and of course, our favourite night of all...NOCTURNE. We also were involved with TIMERAISER Halifax and met some new artists along the way, like Christopher Hemsworth (known for his very popular Heritage Minutes posters) pictured here working on some watercolours.

 Artist Mark Brennan not only had a fabulous show at our gallery this  November, but he also treated us to a very memorable artist talk, complete with images and sounds from his artistic journey.
And FINALLY.....we made it to December!  A time of New Art, Tree Trimming, New works arriving almost daily from our amazing artists, and giving back to the community!  Phew!

And that brings us to current day...January 2nd, 2015....and our first show of the season is Pre-Shrunk!  

In 2015, the Pre-Shrunk show will open on Friday, January 23rd. 
Although we have sold-out of vouchers, you can pre-purchase a ticket. Call us for details!