Saturday, October 24, 2015

City Harvest - Back to the Future Sketch Covers

We celebrated City Harvest downtown today - which meant having a bit of fun at the gallery.

We had Kim Danio on hand, who was the artist behind our Sole of the City Nocturne display. Kim as here with a plethora (a flock? a pack?) of her shoe critters, showing us how she goes from shoe to work of art.

Artist Craig Baltzer was also here doing a painting demo. Craig's work was featured with Kim's downstairs at Nocturne. He also managed to whip up a Back to the Future sketch cover, as seen below:

Sketch Cover by Craig Baltzer

Caitlin McGuire, who you can find behind the counter at the gallery when she's not painting in her studio, also created a sketch cover:
Sketch Cover by Caitlin McGuire

Both Covers with the very limited BACK TO THE FUTURE comic inside are NOW for Sale- They are $65 each. There will never be other ones like it....we hope some lucky folks take the plunge and get in touch with us at  and call 902-425-9456 for purchase. Christmas is coming...or so we are told! (eeeck)