Saturday, October 17, 2015


It's that time of year again! The wind is crisp and there is change in the air. That can only mean one thing... Nocturne!!

Nocturne is Halifax's annual Art at Night Festival that takes place tonight, Oct 17th, from 6pm-12am. The whole city comes alive for an evening of visual, performance, and installation art - and so much more!

Here at the gallery we have so many great things for you to see and experience!

Upstairs we have work by artist Jan Davison. Jan's bright coloured paintings feature local favourites - restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and more! Come tour the city with Jan's work!

Bearly's by Jan Davison

Downstairs you are in for a treat! Artist Kim Danio has created local institutions - out of boots and shoes! It's so impressive you really have to see it with your own two eyes! It's been likened to "the feeling you experience as a kid on Christmas morning" by those who have seen it - so prepare yourself for feelings of uncontrollable joy!

Metro Transit Ferry, Sailboat and Bridge by Kim Danio

Also downstairs are new nightscape paintings by artist Craig Baltzer. His use of warm street lights cutting through the cool night create a very apropos atmosphere for Nocturne.

Chain Lake Drive by Craig Baltzer

All work from our Nocturne show will be up until Nov 7th! Looking forward to seeing you in the gallery!