Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sock Monsters looking for a good home!

Adoption notice! Down here at Argyle Fine Art we're trying to find homes for a wonderful group of sock monsters! We currently have four of these cuddly monsters awaiting their forever homes. We’re so pleased to introduce you to Clifford, Bwibbles, Mr Flynn and Bertrum. All of our monsters have been de-gummy-wormed and their sugar-shots are all up to date!

Bwibbles is the shyest of the bunch, but don’t let his initial reluctance fool you – this one is a snuggler! Bwibbles loves snuggling with all kinds of critters – other sock monsters, dogs, cats, and even humans! Once you pick him up for a cuddle you won’t want to stop! Bwibbles is waiting for his forever home – is it with you?

Mr Flynn, as you can probably tell by name, is the oldest of the sock monsters – but don’t count this old boy out! With his years comes lots of wisdom and a lot of love. Mr Flynn is very protective of his sock monster pals, but he’s also a huge softie. Just look at that smile! Pick him up today and give him a snuggle - he’ll melt in your arms.

Clifford is the most serious of the group – the most serious about cuddles and snuggles that is! Clifford likes hanging out with sock monster pals, but would also be great in a monsterless forever home with the right family. If you think Clifford is the cuddler for you, come in and meet him today!

Bertrum is the youngest of our monsters. Don’t judge his disposition by this photograph, Bertrum is shy in front of the camera. In person Bertrum's energy is infectious. A happy-go-lucky monster who always looks on the bright side of things, Bertrum is certainly the peppiest of the bunch! Come in to meet Bertrum in person and have your day brightened! 


Our happy sock monsters are made by artist Sarah Bourque out of brand-new socks that have been washed in unscented, gentle detergent.