Wednesday, September 30, 2015


It's old news by now, but as many of you know, I've been growing a tiny little human in my stomach over the past number of months... By some miracle of nature, that tiny human has expanded into the size of a medicine ball, and I've developed a not so fashionable waddle that keeps me humble. Yup, these nine months have caught up with me quickly, and it's officially time to hang up my gallery hat to focus on this new (and exciting!!!) chapter called motherhood. I'll be away on maternity for about a year, but I'm leaving you all in the best, most capable hands. Caitlin McGuire is an absolute gem!! And I know you'll all agree that she's a great fit with our little Argyle family. As a recent NSCAD grad, and a superbly talented artist, Caitlin brings invaluable insight when speaking about art and fine craft, and beyond that, she has a kindness that will make you all feel at home. Great find, eh?!!!

So this is my little farewell to you all, but not goodbye!! You'll still find me poking my head into the gallery from time to time, for visits with my tiny little human.. and surely you'll see me roaming the streets, pushing a stroller in an exhausted daze. Don't be a stranger - make sure you give me a tap on the shoulder and say HI!! I know I"ll be looking to keep up my adult language skills as much as possible :)   

If you're nearby, I'll be puttering around the gallery until Friday (unless.. you know...)

Ta for now!  

"Baby Momma" (White) Screenprint on Paper, edition of 16, 19" x 25" Michelle St. Onge