Friday, September 18, 2015

Great ART....and we have AIR CONDITIONING too!

It's the beginning of the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia and although the industry has been struggling to say the least due to cuts by our Provincial Government which we won't get into here....we just wanna say CONGRATULATIONS to all the film folks out there and everywhere who continue to create wonderful things for our eyes, our ears, our souls....we can't imagine what life would be like without your art!  

New works by Angela Carlsen you don't want to miss are hanging around the gallery- Come see!
And  speaking of art, we'd  also like to remind you to come and see our ART by the amazing amount of visual artists waiting for you to discover while you're visiting Halifax.

Looking at art before heading into a film is the perfect way to beat the hot hot summer September days out there (YES- we have air conditioning and it's glorious!)

**Even better- show us a ticket stub from a screening at the Atlantic Film Festival or your festival pass and we'll give you a FREE gift while supplies last**  So hop on by and BUY!