Thursday, September 3, 2015

BACK TO SCHOOL Specials! 20% off ALL WORKS on PAPER and 15% off ALL CARDS! C'mon!

Remember that first day of school...the new school supplies, the new outfit, the fresh scribblers still unmarked, seeing old friends, the smell of soup and hot dogs filling the air from the school cafeteria down the hall....ahhhh.....

You know what makes back to school even better?!?  ART in your lunch box! Now with the technology made famous by "scratch-ticket" technology are these brand new Lunch Note Cards by artist Jodie Hansen.

Each pack includes five cards with great jokes to surprise your little one. You will be known as the coolest parent ever!  Come get some today....because they are 15% off, as are ALL OUR CARDS but only until September 9th.

Lunch Box Notes by Jodie Hansen are awesome and funny!  Get yours today!  (lunch bag and water bottle not included) 

Flash're now in your first days of university. New roomate, big auditoriums for classrooms and Mr. Noodles for supper. You know what could make things better?  ART on your walls...and not those over-priced posters from the traveling poster salesman....real art by local artists....from right here in your community!    From now until September 9th, all works on paper are 20% off, so invest in some great new works. You'll be so happy you did....(take it from an "old" working person- those posters I purchased are  looooong gone, but the art I picked up along the way I still adore!)

Original prints from our Art Subscription Service which is affordable and fun; original works of art delivered to you like a pizza! Each month is super awesome!

Samples of just a few "Creative Editions" all framed up and being enjoyed!

May we  also suggest the 3-D prints by Yo-Rodeo....complete with 3-D glasses! So many works to choose from!
Prints and Cards by Kate Mitchell will make anyone's day better...we guarantee it!
Check this out!  Prints by Murray Bain inspired by our local landmarks....can you spot them all?
And of course, we have so so so so so many cards that are Star Wars inspired, Star Trek inspired and more!  HOP TO IT!  September 9th is the last day to take advantage of the savings!