Saturday, November 14, 2015

Gonna Buy Me a Ford Truck (And Cruise It Up and Down the Road)

This holiday season at the gallery we're feeling a little... nostalgic. What better way to enjoy that feeling than a trip down memory lane - with art!

Today we're featuring a new work by artist Andy MacDonald, Orange Truck. This is no ordinary Andy MacDonald painting though (as if anything Andy does is ordinary) - this piece glows.

Orange Truck, Andy MacDonald

When we say it glows, we really mean it. The headlights and the background in this piece actually glow in the dark!

Ouu! Ahhh!

You have to see this piece in person to really appreciate it. Especially if you are a classic Ford truck lover.

Fear not Chevy fans, we have a classic by Andy for you too! 

A few process shots on how we set up our glow in the dark photo booth:

Add a little light...

One tall chair & one heavy coat = the sophisticated photo booth Caitlin set up to keep the light out!