Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sentimental Feelings: Nostalgic for the Holidays

'Tis the season when many of us will start to prepare for  holiday celebrations.One important part of this season, is to say "thank you" to people that are important to us, in our daily lives. One way to do this, is through gift giving and card writing.We've begun to receive lots of new cards by local artists- all different styles for anyone on your list. We also have the most beautiful glass pens, that almost look as if you are writing with icicles.

(Left to Right) -"French Bulldog in Scarf" by Tara Andrews postcard, "Evening Skate" collage card by Angela Carlsen and Glass Pen by Janelle Tyler (various styles)
But you can also show you care with kind gestures. We challenge all of you to do kind things for one another throughout the season and in the year ahead. In fact, we are offering 20% off most purchases over $50 (before tax- some exceptions apply) IF you donate a warm pair of new or gently used mittens or gloves this season until December 15th! Then we'll take all the wonderful warm things and drop them to a local non-profit in time for winter wearing! We plan to hang out a clothesline and thank you publicly too! Of course, if you just want to donate without a purchase, that's wonderful too!

Another thing many of us do, is think back to days past with fondness and good memories of friends, family and fun. This holiday season at Argyle Fine Art, we want to reminisce with you and showcase some works that touch on the nostalgic things associated with a Canadian holiday season- especially an Atlantic Canadian one! So sit back, and relax as we bring you little bits of memories throughout the weeks ahead- with art!  Tell us what you think of when you think of Christmas or the holidays you celebrate!  What makes you feel the "warm and cozies"? 

To start with, we are excited to feature the latest works by Kimberly Floyd in her growing series of vintage products- all of which still exist to this day, and have actually not changed their branding much at all over the years and years. All of these things have a certain memory attached to them for many Atlantic Canadians especially, but not exclusively. All of these works are at the gallery and are waiting for new homes for the holidays, perhaps with you! (and they are even more colourful and alive in person!)  Contact us directly for purchase details at 902-425-9456.

 Drop back often....we'll be featuring lots of new works that will trigger a nostalgic bone or two! Throughout the weeks, we hope to have a Record Playing shopping party and more...stay tuned!