Wednesday, October 19, 2016

City Harvest 2017

Oh, Fall. The leaves are embracing a new end of the colour spectrum and the scents of the earth are mingling in the air. That can only mean one thing, it's City Harvest time! So get out your walking boots and scarf, grab some backdoor takeout from one of our neighbours, and come join in the fun at the gallery!

Oh... and beer, don't forget about all the wonderful Fall beverages our local breweries are crafting this time of year.

Yoko White, "Craft Beer", Emroidery - so refreshing!

To celebrate City Harvest we'll have our Beetlejuice Photobooth back up, a popular Nocturne hit, that coincides with our "Get Set" show in the lower gallery. In honour of Beetlejuice anyone wearing black AND white will get 20% off their purchase (with the exception of work from the two new shows & a few other items), a FREE DRAW for a small work of art, and of course... snacks.

Have you been waiting long?

Meet artist Nick Brunt from 12-2pm, who will be here prepping stencils. In addition to his rad paintings Nick is also the artist behind our Rainworks project, spreading special messages around the city that only appear when it's raining. You can read more about the Rainworks project here.

You also have the opportunity to meet artist Abigail Lower from 10:30-11:30am, the artist behind the show in the upper gallery, "The Slow Awakening". We'll have charcoal on hand so you can make your own Abigail inspired art in the gallery!

Abigail working alongside her assistants.

Abigail will also be here on Tuesday, Oct 25th from 6:30-8:30pm, to give an artist talk and demo about the work in the show. Along with Abigail will be poet Shaun Lafferty, composer Theo Chapelhow, and filmmaker Jock Hiltz. The event is free and all are welcome to attend.

Gordon MacDonald, "Rosie (Deer)", 24"x30", Charcoal on Paper Mounted

We also have the amazing die-cut Star Wars Calendars by Jodie Hansen in stock and available for order for mid-December - really the perfect stocking-stuffer.

And last, but never least, new paintings by Gordon MacDonald have arrived! Oil on gold leaf, these pieces just glow! Come in and see them for yourself in person. If you can't make it in, the new pieces can be found online here.

Gordon MacDonald, "Red on the Platform", Oil on Gold Leaf on Board, 12"x12"

Gordon MacDonald, "Drawing the Morning to Us", Oil on Gold Leaf on Board, 12"x12"

Enjoy the rest of your week, we'll see you for all the fun on Saturday!