Saturday, October 8, 2016

STUDIO SATURDAYS with Abigail Lower

Hello and welcome to Saturday. For those of you living in Canada, HAPPY THANKSGIVING.  Thank you for dropping by the blog today and for supporting local artists in all sort of ways big and small. Just visiting galleries and sharing our posts is helpful. Thank goodness for art and you!

 Because it's Saturday, we are happy to bring you the continuation of STUDIO SATURDAYS, where each Saturday afternoon we take you inside the studio of one of our gallery artists. It's always so interesting to see where and how an artist creates, as everyone's process is different. So, may we introduce artist Abigail Lower and her busy studio!

Abigail Lower has been working away on an exciting body of work throughout the last number of months, that will be featured this Saturday, October 15th, 6pm-midnight during Nocturne Halifax. The show is titled "The Slow Awakening" and we can hardly wait to see all these gorgeous works hung together, along with complimentary music, film and poetry. Abigail works with charcoal and's messy business but so rewarding when a work starts to take form and become alive on the paper!

Not all artists have the luxury of having a designated space to create their art. In fact, many artists create wherever they can find room! That means most artists are working within their home and have been known to take over a living room, kitchen or bedroom as their studio.  Here's a picture of Abigail's show starting to take shape and hung all around her....

Sometimes when the weather agrees, Abigail will take her art making outside and let nature be her studio too!

Abigail is now on the homestretch of preparing her artworks for display at the gallery this Saturday...but there's more to art making than the art itself. Works have to be mounted and framed, ready for display. It's a lot of hard work and time consuming to do this right!  

But when the works are completed and ready to share with the world, it's very exciting indeed and we hope you will drop by either this Saturday or throughout the duration of the exhibit until the end of October,  to experience what Abigail has created. 

In fact, we're excited to announce we'll be hosting an OPEN STUDIO NIGHT at Argyle Fine Art on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 25th, 6:30-8:30pm, where you can listen to Abigail Lower speak about her current show and meet some of the contributing artists Jock Hiltz (fFarmbox film), Shaun Lafferty (Poet) and Theo Chapelhow (composer)that have enhanced this visual body of work with their original poetry, music and film.We'll be launching the video created by Jock Hiltz that night too. You don't want to miss it! Free for all to attend. Light refreshments will be served. 

Make sure to say hi to Abigail if you see her and thank her for creating such a beautiful body of artwork that we can all enjoy. Without art in the world, the world be a very dull place indeed. It's clear she enjoys making art too...hehe!