Saturday, October 15, 2016



WE ARE SO EXCITED!! I bet you couldn't tell...

This year we have TWO great shows on offer for you this year.

Upstairs we have "The Slow Awakening", a show of new work by Abigail Lower. The perfect show for Nocturne, Lower has created a hauntingly beautiful body of  charcoal drawings. The show is accompanied by poetry by Shaun Lafferty and music by Theo Chapelhow. After Nocturne the show will also feature a short film by Jock Hiltz.

Abigail Lower, "Wilfred (Bear)", Charcoal on Paper Mounted, 25"x21"

Abigail Lower, "Elsa (Fox)", Charcoal on Paper  Mounted, 20"x24"

 See "The Slow Awakening" online here!

Downstairs we have "Get Set", a group show featuring artists renditions of their favourite show sets. From maquettes, to marionettes, to paintings, this show has it all. Get ready to feel the nostalgia! 

"Seinfelt" by Tacha Reed

"Eleven" card by Allison Taylor

See the "Get Set" show online here!

Along with the show we'll also have a show-set themed photobooth set up from 6:30-11pm in front of our lovely neighbours, The Loop. Can you guess what it might be? Just say his name three times...

Part of the photobooth that will be in front of The Loop tonight!

And our lovely pals over at The Old Apothocary will be there for you... Joining in on the fun they'll be channeling Central Perk for the evening!

So get out, see some art and have a GREAT NOCTURNE!!!