Thursday, April 27, 2017

Birds of a Feather

While the weather might be taking it's time, other signs of Spring keep popping up, like the crocus breaking through the thawing earth - and birds! The birds are back! We're celebrating by sharing some of our favourite bird pieces!

Starting with these new graphite drawings by artist Quinn Smith. Smith has a knack for capturing so much personality in his work. I wouldn't want to get on those owls' bad side...

Quinlan Smith, Hot Gossip, 10"x10", Graphite on paper (mounted on board)

Quinlan Smith, Caww, 10"x10", Graphite on paper (mounted on board)

Quinlan Smith, Earl, 6"x6", Graphite on paper (mounted on board)

Known for his woodcuts and woodwork, Gregg Tracey is a multi-disciplined and multi-talented artist, as is evident by this colourful painting.

Gregg Tracey, Mr Petrie, 22.5"x31", Acrylic on Board

Artist Michelle St Onge who has a show coming up at the gallery opening on May 5th is well known for her serigraphs. However her watercolour work where she's been focusing lately is delicate and bold, with beautiful colour and texture that capture the eye. We're excited to see what pieces her May show brings!

Michelle St Onge, Go Jays, 17"x21", Watercolour on paper (framed)

Of course we couldn't make a post about birds without including felt artist Dorothyanne Brown, who's felted creatures are a favourite of many. It's pretty easy to see why she's such a big hit with children and adults of all ages.

Dorothyanne Brown, Chad the Crow, Felted

Dorothyanne Brown, Chuckles the Lovebird, Felted

These sweet little Pre-Shrunks by Danny Bilsborough are sure to put a little spring in your step.

Danny Billsborough, Hang in There, 4"x5", Acrylic on Canvas

Danny Bilsborough, Just Sing, 4"x5", Acrylic on Canvas

Yoko White's work is always incredible, but this little pheasant is just saying, "take me home!"

Yoko White, Pheasant, Embroidery

Folkartist Basil Doucette has outdone himself. Known for his wood carvings, especially of birds, he has gone itty bitty with his latest pieces. It's hard to get a sense of scale with these guys, but this bird is smaller than my thumb!

Basil Doucette, Extra Small Folk Art Bird, Handcarved and painted wood

This is one of the new little guys next to Doucette's regular "small" birds.

Bonus! This little bird has SO many friends, pop in to scoop one up before these birds fly off!

You might be familiar with Sharon Cave's chickens, especially Roland who is our current Creative Edition- Art Subscription  print, but we still have some great crow pieces of hers from our Pre-Shrunk show!

Sharon Cave, Crow 12, 4"x5", Oil on Board

Sharon Cave, Crow 2, 4"x5", Oil on Board

We couldn't have a birds post without at least a few chickens. Here's a select few from Miyoshi Kondo's series, The Chickens Come Home to Roost, which is currently up in the gallery - come in and see this fantastic series!

Miyoshi Kondo, Yurt, 4"x4", Gouache on paper framed)

Miyoshi Kondo, Log Cabin, 4"x4", Gouache on paper (framed)

Miyoshi Kondo, Apartment Complex, 4"x4", Gouache on paper (framed)

Fly down to the gallery today to see these birds and many more of our flock.