Friday, April 7, 2017

Spring is Blooming: Briana Corr-Scott

We just opened the latest works by Briana Corr-Scott  this past Friday! What a celebration! Make sure to get into the gallery soon to experience these works in person. Briana has been working so very hard on her stunning solo show "Foreshadow to Spring" All the work will be visible online soon at our website, but until then you can see the entire show online at this LINK HERE.  

 In addition, we were pleased to be featuring some geometric glass works by Rachelle Paul. Opening night, were were treated to some special music by Rachel Bruch, aka Blue Lobelia. To watch/listen to a recent creation by her click here:
                                Briana speaks about her work in her own words:

My recent work continues the theme of my 2016 series, Spring/Light.The new paintings focus on the light I see in late winter-these struggling last hours waiting for spring to come. This time of year is a period of flux and longing. The warm late winter light and the golden-pink evenings foreshadow the joy that will eventually come. All year, I moved back and forth from working on glowing floral scenes to paintings of darkly shrouded shells. I found myself thinking about what these objects represented in the work.

The spring blooms and branches represent life, whatever it is; this fleeting, vibrant moment of living.The shells, although equally as beautiful, represent the past. A shell is an object that is a
remnant of what it was; it is a tie to its past life. I felt I was moving from a foreshadowing of grief to a foreshadowing of joy-yearning for new present joy, and nostalgic for old joys.

In the Studio..
                      We hope to see you soon to enjoy this stunning body of work with us!

The back wall of our gallery, filled with the most beautiful small paintings by Briana Corr-Scott