Saturday, April 22, 2017

Celebrate Earth Day with Repurposed Art

Happy Earth Day! Here at the gallery we're celebrating by sharing some of our favourite artists who are masters of sourcing, recycling and repurposing materials to create their fantastic pieces!

If you've been in or even walked by the gallery you're probably familiar with William Rudolph's works, or Rudy as he's known, who creates his pieces out of bike parts. From belts to napkin holders, Rudy's best known for his amazing lamps. I've probably made you try turning one on and off because the gear shift switch is so satisfying. We're always getting new and fun works from Rudy, who also fixes and adjusts bikes for people with a range of different abilities, so come in and check them out if you're looking for something for your favourite cycling pal.

William Rudolph, Bike Napkin Holder, Bike Trophy, Bike Candle Stand (left to right), Reclaimed Bike Parts

Up next we have our favourite tinkerer Ed Beals. It's hard to catagorize Ed's work because he's made just about everything from ray guns to robots to insects and more. Ed uses all kinds of repurposed and found items to create his pieces, and sometimes even his pieces are repurposers, like The Collector, who's carrying around his found objects in his removable backpack.

Ed Beals, The Collector, Repurposed Objects

Ed's bugs made out of old silverware, pen nibs, keys and other found objects are pretty fantastic too.

Ed Beals, Sara (lovingly named by his daughter), Repurposed Objects

Then there's Damien Webb, master of reusing paper and objects like tins, cans and mason jars which display his miniature works. Damien is one of those artists who saves scarps and bits thinking, "I can use this..."  He takes a lot of consideration when deciding what to use to display his pieces so it's just right, like this VW Winnebago in an old candy tin.

Damien Webb, VW Winnebago, Mixed Media

Lastly we have glass artist Rachelle Paul of Looking Glass Design, who uses recycled glass from old windows and greenhouses in Nova Scotia to create her beautiful terrariums and other pieces. Rachelle's work is stunning and allows you to bring your favourite plants and other greenery indoors in beautiful ways.

Rachelle Paul, Cube Terrarium, Glass, Solder, Patina

Rachelle Paul, Hanging Wall Terrariums, Glass, Solder, Patina

Rachelle Paul, Diamond Terrarium, Glass, Solder, Patina

 Come and celebrate Earth Day with us and see more wonderful repurposed pieces by our fabulous artists!