Friday, February 16, 2018

Getting Graphic at Pre-Shrunk 2018!

Well the Pre-Shrunk show is coming to a close this Saturday, February 17th,  after another fantastic exhibition of diverse works by many talented artists. Today we're highlighting a few of our favourite graphic pieces in this years show - clean lines, flat colours, solid tones - ou baby there are some tasty pieces in the mix!

Let's start with the master of gouache, Miyoshi Kondo. The colour in this piece is even better in real life, if you can believe it. Not only is Miyoshi's technique incredible (ask anyone who's worked with gouache), but her colour mixing is divine.

Miyoshi Kondo, Not My Business, Gouache on Paper Mounted

Next we have the master of the surreal, Wayne Leal. He really knows how to create a narrative that lets your imagination wander, even in a piece that's only 4"x5".

Wayne Leal, Taking Flight, Acrylic

Mary Ledger's use of pattern carries through the buildings in her piece and extends into the numbers. That pop of orange - delicious!

Mary Ledger, Bright Lights, Big City, Ink, Watercolour, Acrylic and Mixed Media on Canvas Board

This piece from Victoria Brumwell's series on houseplants just sings and the colour is sublime! Look at that red and green leaf just vibrating against the pink tiles!

Victoria Brumwell, Pink Tiles, Oil on Board

Cody Pendleton is inviting us along on a roadtrip in his pieces that use clean lines and transparent colour washes that let the woodgrain shine through.

Cody Pendleton, Surfs Up, Acrylic and Stain on Wood

Artist Danny Abriel is venturing into twilight in this piece. Danny is known for his illustrative approach to Canadian, and more specifically Nova Scotian, landscapes and this piece just shimmers.

Danny Abriel, Night Seeker, Acrylic on Canvas

Kelsey Pearson's practice focuses primarily on print making and her work is emphasized by strong black lines and pops of colour. This linoblock she carved is no exception. It even includes a bit of iridescence which can't be captured in a photograph. Guess you'll just have to see it in person...

Kelsey Pearson, Hyalophora Cecropia, Carved Linoleum and Acrylic

Shelagh Duffet is a popular Halifax based artist who is known for her graphic paintings and prints that incorporate colourful patterns. This piece from her series exemplifies those qualities.

Shelagh Duffet, Untitled 2, Acrylic on Board

Jana Wicha rounds out our graphic pieces by bringing local flavour to her carved pieces that showcase some of the Maritimes' favourite brews.

Jana Wicha, Schooner, Carved MDF and Acrylic

For more fabulous Pre-Shrunk pieces you can see the show in it's entirety online HERE or by popping into the gallery to catch the end of the show!