Thursday, February 1, 2018

We've gone to the BIRDS again....Pre-Shrunk 2018

Another favourite subject matter for many artists seems to be BIRDS of all colours and feathers! We love birds! In fact this year, we had so many bird submissions we had to turn some of them away regretably, as we just couldn't have too much more of the similar subject matter this year. It's never easy curating this show but here are a few of the birds that made it to the gallery walls. Maybe they will fly to your walls soon? There are many more you can view online at the show HERE or in person too.

We'll start with the chickadee! You know how each year an animal emerges as the most popular animal in popular culture? Well we predict ,at least in these parts, it could easily be the chickadee! We had the most chickadee submissions this year than ever before. The one below is especially exquisite and by artist Twila Robar-DeCoste. Her gentle touch with this work especially represents the personality of this resilient favourite bird of all seasons here in Nova Scotia.
Chickadee by Twila Robar-DeCoste, Watercolour
These birds are painted by emerging artist Annik Gaudet! Love the brilliant colours of these beloved backyard birds!

This perky one is by Heidi Holloway and it's called Nuthatch Strut! 
"On Approach" by Dawn Kempster celebrates the little birds that buzz around- the Hummingbird
Another exciting newcomer to the Pre-Shrunk show this year is Carlos Carrillo. Here is one of the few pieces left by him. It's called "Purple Finch: and is graphite on paper. So striking.
And finally, although chickens may not be as fancy as these woodland birds, we just had to include this beloved bird by Miyoshi Kondo. This work is painted using gouche! It's stunning in person, along with her other works in the show. Most people mistake them as lithographs or printed matter. They are hand painted! This one below is called "Not my Clutch"

So make sure to drop by and see the show in person if you are able or visit online to experience all the variety from all the creative artists included in the show this year. Such a stellar just gets better and better.