Friday, February 2, 2018

Local Love at Pre-Shrunk 2018

There's lots of LOVE for many local businesses this year in our Pre-Shrunk 2018.  Local neighborhoods are represented in the art too. All of these works are just 4" x 5" and are the same price of $175. Remember to check out the entire show HERE

Mills Brothers is one such business that is part of Halifax's heritage and sadly closed a few years ago now. But the memory of it lives on with many Haligonians and visitors to the city, especially because of their wonderful Christmas window displays each season. Here's a more recent version of what Mill's looked like, by Kathy Richards.

This work by Craig Baltzer was a late arrival to the show, but so beautiful!  This church was renovated into apartments, located on Queen Street across from another popular local business, Atlantic News.

Watercolour and illustrated works by Isobel Hamilton are another fine example of the cityscapes celebrated in this show. We especially love the one of the bridge!

This simple looking ink on wood drawing by Wenxiu Ji  makes us think of warm summer days in a Halifax neighbourhood.

Of course, no one does local as well as Jan Davison!  She lives and breathes to support local and make it part of her daily ritual. Here are two popular scenes if you are local. The above one is a building on Gottingen Street and the one below that is the World Tea House on the newly renovated Argyle Street in Downtown Halifax. Perfect place to get  spot of tea from the very tea passionate people there!

We encourage you to visit these spaces and places  and more, whenever you can. Go for a walk and discover lots of local businesses  first hand! You never know what you'll discover!