Sunday, September 2, 2018

Bob Ross says "HI"!

We started a fun Art Scavenger Hunt game a few days ago now, to encourage folks to get exploring this fine city and of course, our art gallery and our wonderfully talented local artists! Until September 8th, each day at NOON we'll be releasing a HINT of where a special something is hidden in Halifax for one lucky person to find or a TASK or mission for many people to participate in.

HINT #4: 

Today, get outside and find any or all of the 5 BOB ROSS POSTERS, posted around the downtown core! Each poster is numbered! Each pic is another entry!

hint hint: One of them is posted just outside our gallery to get ya started! This is what you're looking for...

Simply take pictures of the posters. Then you can email us,  or TAG us on Facebook, Tweet or Insta us with your picture using the hashtag #argylefineart . We'll add your name to WIN the $100 Gift Certificate which will be drawn for on September 8th.  Good luck!