Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Home Sweet Home with ART!

Today is the first day of school for many people around the city. Whether today is the first day of grade one, the first day of undergrad, or your first day back to work after a blissful vacation, it's the beginning of a new season for many.

September can sometimes feel like time for a fresh start, almost like how January 1st holds so much promise of new beginnings and growth. A nice way to fully embrace that "fresh start" feeling is to make your home feel like home! September often marks moving season for many starting back to school, or perhaps just the desire to de-clutter or rearrange your space. Including art in your home can really help to freshen things up and make it a happy place to spend time.

Here at the gallery we have a huge variety of work available for every budget. Don't think you have to break the bank in order to enjoy some original art in your home! We have a wide selection of small works available from past Pre-Shrunk shows now priced at $95; they are also a great option for small spaces!

Andy MacDonald, "Red 1980 Lada Commie Car", Acrylic and Glow in the Dark Paint, 4" x 5"

Isobel Hamilton, "MacDonald", Watercolour and Ink on Paper Mounted

Ceramic artist Karolina Hanja makes intricately carved lanterns that can transform a space with fantastic shadows when a tiny candle is lit inside. She also makes small hanging planters, perfect for tiny succulents. We have a nice selection of her work currently on display and all ready to find homes!

Ceramic Lanterns by Karoline Hanja
Ceramic Lanterns and Mini Planters by Karolina Hanja

If you're holding on to the last days of summery weather with every inch of your life, let Briana Corr-Scott bring the beach into your home with her affordable prints of her sketches of seals, surf, and shells from her trip to Sable Island. The sensitivity in her work, like looking out into the ocean, is calming, and even elicits a touch of nostalgia. When put in a little frame these prints become perfect for a quiet corner in your home.

Prints by Briana Corr Scott

If you're looking for something a little quirky and whimsical, be sure to check out our fun collection of prints by Yo Rodeo. Some of their work is even designed to be viewed with 3D glasses -how cool!

"People Party" 20"x 26" screen print by Yo Rodeo
3D Screen print by Yo Rodeo

Lastly, may we suggest a great hack for an easy, affordable, and suuuuuper hip decor idea: frame Jodie Hanson's wrapping paper! Jodie has a line of wrapping paper that features characters from your favorite shows and movies like Golden Girls, Seinfeld, Stranger Things, Star Wars, and more. When put inside an extra large frame, these poster-sized sheets of wrapping paper become wall decor that will be the envy of all your friends!

Golden Girls Wrapping Paper by Jodie Hansen

Happy nesting! And be sure to pop by soon to check out our upcoming show "Teenseyland" featuring lots of miniature delights by Damien Webb. The show opens this coming Saturday 1pm-3pm.